HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

I encountered my first Heuer Chronosplit in 2013 and have examined and repaired many since. Chronosplit repairs are both difficult, and time-consuming and sadly suffer a very low success rate due to the reasons explained on my last page.


In most cases a repair will come in the form of a Rawsar H1 conversion. The conversion reuses the mechanical parts from your old calibre 102 module giving it the same look and functionality as the original. The H1 module also provides dependable reliability which allows you to wear your Chronosplit with confidence.


More details on the Rawsar H1 repair module can be found here.


Despite Heuer's fragile design repairs to the original module is sometimes possible and as such I will always endeavour to repair your module first before conversion to a Rawsar H1 module.


In some instances your original Chronosplit module may only suffer display damage, in this case, I can replace the old dead displays with “drop-in” Rawsar-produced LCD panels.


Heuer also produced the Ford Split Lap Unit 77 which is a good example of a watch that is relatively "repairable" mainly because Heuer learnt from their earlier open wire bond mistakes. If you have a Ford Split Lap Unit 77 and want it repaired please have look at the following page by clicking on the Rawsar H1F button below.


If you want more details on the Rawsar H1 for the Heuer Chronosplit, please click on the Rawsar H1 button above.