HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

I encountered my first Chronosplit in 2013 and have examined and repaired many since. In my experience straight Chronosplit repairs are both difficult and sadly suffer a very low success rate due to the reasons explained on my last page. In most cases repair will come in the form of a Rawsar H1 conversion. The conversion reuses the mechanical parts from your old Calibre 102 module and replaces the faulty parts with new modern reliable ones.


More details can be found here.


However direct Chronosplit repairs are sometimes possible, and as such I will always endeavour to repair your original module first before conversion to a Rawsar H1 module.


In some instances the your original Chronosplit module may only suffer display damage, in this case I can replace the old dead displays with "drop in" Rawsar produced LCD panels.  A good example of this repair option is the Ford Split-Lap-77 Unit illustrated in Fig. 2 below. The picture on the right is part way through its repair with a new Rawsar LCD panel on the top and dead Heuer LCD panel on the bottom.


Rather ironically the Calibre 102 based Ford Split-Lap-Unit 77 (cal. 103) is marginally more reliable than the rest of the Calibre 102 module series. This is because Heuer wisely decided to place plastic covers over the integrated circuits which provided some protection.


Fig 2. A Ford Lap-Split-77 Unit undergoing a repair and display replacement. Note the Ford marked protective covers.

Ford Lap Split 77 Unit Chronosplit - Front
Ford Lap Split 77 Unit Chronosplit - Back