HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

On this page I present the original Heuer Calibre 100 LED/LCD watch module and illustrate the clever 70s design in detail.


To develop the Calibre 100 Chronosplit, Heuer successfully squeezed 11 discrete integrated circuits and two displays across three individual printed circuit boards.


To optimise the limited space within the Chronosplit module Heuer adopted an overlapping PCB "sandwich" approach. Each of the three printed circuit boards was then electrically connected using five elastomeric conductive strips.


Heuer Chronosplit Cal.100 LCD/LED Module Construction

HEUER Chronosplit Calibre 100 LED-LCD  PCBs

Bottom View

Despite the brilliant feat of engineering Heuer had achieved in 1975 the Calibre 100 Chronosplit is over 40 years old, due to this inescapable fact unfortunately  failure is to be expected sooner or later.


Failure comes in many forms both partial and total however there are various repair options that I can offer here at Rawsar.


If you need any Chronosplit advice or a repair please send me an email to support@rawsar.com.


On the next page however, I discuss my repair options for your Chronosplit in detail.