HEUER Chronosplit Repair and Modules

Information and Advice

In this section you will find general information and terms and conditions of sale and repair.


1 - Enquiries


  1. If you have an enquiry please send an email to:  support@rawsar.com
  2. If you have a repair enquiry please be very specific on the make and model of your watch also please send pictures with your email. Pictures help to make a early diagnosis and help to ascertain whether I can help or not.
  3. I do not quote all repair costs on this web page as every watch is different. Costs are discussed via email and agreed up-front.
  4. References can be provided on request.


2 - Repairs and Modules


  1. I can make no guarantees on repairs to original Heuer watch modules as the watches discussed on the web site are over 30+ years old and spares are very rare.
  2. I will provide a 1 year guarantee on Rawsar modules however this does not extend to re-used old Heuer parts like LED and LCD displays etc. This guarantee does not cover postage nor does it cover abnormal use.
  3. I will always attempt repairs before converting your old module to a Rawsar unit as originality generally is preferred. However in most cases, Rawsar modules will provide you with greater reliability and longevity.
  4.  Vintage Heuer watches that are repaired or sold are no longer waterproof or water-resistant. Care should be taken not to get the watch's internals wet. Remove your watch when swimming, bathing or any activity that is likely to get your Chronosplit wet.


3 - Shipping


  1. I'm based in Sydney Australia and generally prefer to use FedEx courier services which are both trackable and insurable to most locations around the world. FedEx will also allow me to ship with batteries fitted
  2. Costs for repairs are plus shipping.
  3. For watch and module sales -  Import duties are strictly the responsibility of the buyer.
  4. For repairs - when sending your watch to Rawsar please mark your shipment "Temporary Import for repair and return" This will generally will help negate the need for import duties payable. Also please ensure the courier or sending agent is aware that your watch is a temporary import into Australia.
  5. The threshold for import duties into Australia is $1000 Australian dollars. Duties are payable on shipments that are marked over this value.


4 - Sales


  1. Payments will generally be taken via PayPal or bank transfer. If bank transfer is used repairs and watches will not be dispatched until payment has cleared.
  2. Payments for repairs should be made within 2 weeks of receipt of your invoice.
  3. Payment is required in full before shipment
  4. Please make payment in Australian dollars.
  5. For watch and module sales -  Import duties are strictly the responsibility of the buyer.  Please check with your local authorities for charges and your import responsibilities.
  6. Watch sales will be shipped by F and insured. The full value of the watch will be declared on the shipping manifest for insurance purposes. Other couriers can be used on request.
  7. I can provide no guarantees on Heuer original modules as they are 40+ years old. I recommend that original Heuer Chronosplit watches and modules are treated carefully and kept away from water/fluids.
  8. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  9. Cancellations or returns will be subject to surcharges to cover damages, Paypal fees & shipping where necessary.