HEUER Chronosplit Repair and Modules

HEUER Microsplit

Between 1976 and 1977 Heuer launched their high precision 1/100 second Microsplit range of stopwatches. Heuer employed the design flair of  the German Industrialist Richard Sapper to give the Microsplit its elegant industrial design.


Microsplits were produced in both LED and LCD versions, the LCD  range also included a wrist watch version the Microsplit 370 which is examined more closely (torn down) further down the page.


References to  Richard Sapper's influence on the Microsplit can be found in his website via the following links:



1976 - LED Microsplit 520




1977 - LCD Microsplit 320




1977 - LCD Microsplit 370




1976 - Heuer Microsplit LED Range

1977 LCD Heuer Microsplit range

In the recent past I had the opportunity to repair a 370 Microsplit and can confidently state  that The 370 Heuer Microsplit is very well constructed so in theory should last.


Rather interestingly the Microsplit is stopwatch only and does not offer any time of day functionality. You may have also spotted that unlike the vast majority of quartz watches the Microsplit crystal runs at 21.600 KHz instead of 32.768 KHz


The internal module is very well built too and uses a mixture sealed through hole component design and concealed electronics under the LCD display. The sealed/concealed design certainly helps to reduce prospective moisture and corrosion damage.


Below are some pictures of a Microsplit 370 that came in for some minor repair here at Rawsar where there was some battery leakage.