HEUER Chronosplit Repair and Modules

If your Chronosplit upper digital (Calibre 104 or 107) display has failed and is unrepairable I have produced a Rawsar H3 module that can bring your watch back to life. The Rawsar H3 module re-uses your original display and replaces the faulty electronics with a new IC and gold plated PCB. I currently do not stock replacement LCD panels but if demand increases I may investigate the idea of creating an alternative.


To power the new modern micro-controller IC the H3 module requires a slightly larger 3 Volt lithium cell. To house the new lithium cell, a new laser-cut battery holder will be provided to replace the old 1.5 Volt one.


Another feature of the H3 module is it has the ability to directly drive the analogue lower display. This feature is useful if you suffer electronic failure on the bottom analogue display and cannot source a replacement or if it cannot be repaired.

Fig.1 - Front and back view of Rawsar H3 Module fitted to Chronosplit Manhattan.

Repaired Chronosplit Manhattan with H3 module
Repaired Chronosplit GMT Manhattan with H3 module

Fig.2 - Front view with original Heuer LCD display and  H3 rear view with custom battery holder

Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - Front
Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - Rear

Fig.3 - Front and rear H3 PCB view partly assembled.

Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - PCB front
Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - PCB rear

Fig.4. - Rawsar H3 Demonstration Video

Please email support@rawsar.com for enquiries