HEUER Chronosplit Repair and Modules

On this page I discuss faults, on the next page I discuss Chronosplit GMT repairs.


If your Chronosplit upper digital (Calibre 104 or 107) display has failed and is unrepairable I have produced a reliable Rawsar H3 module that can bring your watch back to life replicating all the functionality of the original Heuer module. The Rawsar H3 module replaces the faulty electronics with a new IC, gold-plated PCB and a new Rawsar-manufactured LCD display which is identical to the old Heuer unit.


To power the new modern micro-controller IC the H3 module requires a slightly larger 3 Volt lithium cell. To house the new lithium cell, a new laser-cut battery holder will be provided to replace the old 1.5 Volt one.

Fig.1 - Front and back view of Rawsar H3 Module fitted to Chronosplit Manhattan.

Repaired Chronosplit Manhattan with H3 module
Repaired Chronosplit GMT Manhattan with H3 module

Fig.2 - H3 module with new Rawsar LCD panel and new battery holder housing

Fig.3 - Front and rear H3 PCB view partly assembled.

Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - PCB front
Heuer Manhattan repair module, the Rawsar H3 - PCB rear

Fig.4. - Rawsar H3 Demonstration Video

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