HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

This page is the final stage in Chronosplit Calibre 100 repair journey. If you have reached this point it is highly likely that both your original Heuer displays and electronics are faulty and unusable. However, don't despair as the H2c module will bring your watch back to a fully functional state by replacing your old Heuer LCD & LED displays with new Rawsar units.


The Rawsar H2c module consists of:


2 x New Rawsar Circuit boards.

1 x New 3 1/2 digit LCD panel

1 x New hand-crafted Rawsar six-digit LED panel


Please note: Construction of a Rawsar six-digit LED module is a very time-consuming and labour-intensive task. This will be reflected in the price.


For more details and pricing please email support@rawsar.com


Chronosplit LED with Rawsar H2c module.
Chronosplit LED with Rawsar H2c module with fitted bezel.
Chronosplit H2c module with new Rawsar displays

For more information please email: support@rawsar.com