HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

This page discusses the H2b Rawsar module. The H2b module has been developed to allow a repair/conversion if you have a faulty Heuer calibre 100 watch module and a broken/faulty LCD panel but have a tested and working original Heuer six-digit LED display.


The Rawsar H2b module essentially re-utilises the old six-digit Heuer LED Chronosplit panel on the bottom display and applies a new Rawsar LCD panel on the top display. The old Heuer electronics are replaced with two Rawsar circuit boards as described in the H2a page previously.


If I cannot implement an H2b module repair and both your original Heuer Calibre 100 Chronosplit LED and LCD displays are faulty the next logical and last step is to convert your old module into an H2c module.


Please click on the H2c module link above for more detail.


Chronosplit repair module - Rawsar H2b

For more information on the H2b module please send an email to support@rawsar.com