HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

On this page you will find information on the Rawsar H1 repair module. If your Calibre 102 based Heuer Chronosplit is beyond normal repair all is not lost as it can be converted into a Rawsar H1 module. The H1 module will restore full functionality back to your Chronosplit watch and operates exactly as the original with added reliability and robustness.


Please note: I do not hold spare modules, I will need your original module for repair/conversion.

Fig 1. Front and back view of a Rawasr H1 module

Chronosplit LCD LCD repair - Rawsar H1 module front
Chronosplit LCD LCD repair - Rawsar H1 module rear

The Rawsar H1 design and construction greatly improves on the original Heuer design by removing the failure points of the original Chronosplit. The key areas of Improvement are a new sealed IC mounted on a new Rawsar gold-plated multi-layer PCB. This is complimented with a pair of new Rawsar LCD panels. The remaining old ancillary components are replaced with newer reliable items, including quartz crystal, trimmer capacitor and warm white led back-light bulbs.


The original Heuer battery holder, display holder, clips, contacts and screws are re-used producing a pleasant authentic look akin to the original.


Once I have hand assembled your new H1 module it is cleaned and then carefully inspected under a microscope. It is then programmed and its quartz crystal is trimmed for accuracy. Before shipment, your new H1 module is tested for functionality and accuracy.

Fig 2. Front and back view of a Rawsar H1 module multi-layer PCB.

Rawsar H1 module PCB back

Fig 3. New drop in Rawsar LCD displays

Repaired Chronosplit LCD LCD with new Rawsar displays

Fig 4. Rawsar H1 demonstration

For more information please email: support@rawsar.com