HEUER Chronosplit Repair and Modules

FORD Split Lap Unit 77

The Ford Split Lap Unit 77 was produced by Heuer for Ford's RS division in 1977 and essentially is an updated and improved version of their cal. 102 module. The most important improvement was the inclusion of Ford-branded plastic covers protecting the fragile integrated circuit wire bonds.


The Ford Split Lap Unit module is spread across 2 circuit boards and joined by tinned copper wires, this allowed the module to flex into the angled stainless steel case.


The majority of faults that I have experienced with the Ford module are with the displays where they bleed or turn black. Both Heuer's original Cal 102 and Rawsar LCD panels can be fitted however the Ford logo will be lost as the Ford logo is an active part of the top LCD panel.


Despite the fancy Ford covers problems with the electronics still can occur and because of this, I have produced a Rawsar H1F module (F for Ford) which will bring a completely dead Ford Split Lap Unit 77 back to life. An example can be seen in Fig. 2.


If you have problems with your Ford Split Lap Unit 77 watch please feel free to ask for advice by dropping me an email at support@rawsar.com

Fig. 1 - A Ford Lap-Split-77 Unit undergoing a repair and display replacement. Note the Ford marked protective covers.

Ford Lap Split 77 Unit Chronosplit - Front
Ford Lap Split 77 Unit Chronosplit - Back

Fig. 2 - A repaired Ford Split Lap Unit 77 with new Rawsar LCD panels and the Rawsar H1F module in action.