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ESA Y2 900.231 & Rawsar H4 User Instructions

 Batteries When fitting batteries to the Rawsar H4 module please use 2 x SR1116W good quality silver oxide batteries. One battery stacks on top of the other with negative terminal facing downwards. Please see bottom of page for cell fitment example Please note that to save power the lower time colon does not flash on the Rawsar H4 module. Rawsar H4 Setting Mode To place the H4 into setting mode push and hold the RHS button then push the LHS button. Note: When in setting mode if no button is pushed the H4 will revert to time after 12 seconds except for the minute set. Month Set The month set digits will flash use the RHS button to scroll through 1 to 12 until the correct month is selected. Day set Push the LHS button again to select the day set. The RHS digits will flash. Scroll through digits 1-31 using the RHS button. Hour Set Push the LHS button again to select the hour set, the LHS digits will flash. Use the RHS to scroll from 0 - 23 hours. Minute Set** Push the LHS button again to enter minute setting mode, the RHS digits will flash. Hold the RHS button to scroll through 00 - 59 minutes. Use a time reference to synchronise the H4 and when the reference is at 00 press and hold the LHS button. The watch is now set and will return to time mode. Please see the following demonstration video at the bottom of this page **Please do not leave the H4 in this mode for long periods as it will put an excessive drain on the batteries.

The Rawsar H4 module requires two good quality SR1116W (high power) silver oxide cells stacked with positive facing up and negative down.



The following video shows how to operate and set the Rawsar H4 module. Please excuse the condition of my thumbnail, I think I need a manicure


H4 Behaviour


The Rawsar H4 has been designed to save power and will exhibit the following behaviour: