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The beautiful & iconic Heuer Calibre 100 Chronosplit LCD-LED wristwatch was originally launched in 1975, for the period it represented a brilliant marvel of cutting edge technology.


The bold design was modern and fresh, even by today’s standards. The bezel was wonderfully accented by the bright six digit LED display. Heuer utilised a LED display in the lower chronograph as it was fast and responsive and could easily display "live" 1/10 second timing, whereas early generation LCD display technology was too slow and laggy.


The model below is a R100.703


Rawsar stage 1 repaired Chronosplit LED

Over the following pages you find information on the Heuer Calibre 100 Chronosplit and how I can repair it, including :

  • Original Watch Cal 100 Module
  • Rawsar Repair Phases
  • Rawsar Repair Module Options
    • H2a Module
    • H2b Module
    • H2c Module

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