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In 1976 Heuer launched the prestigious Calibre 102 LCD-LCD Chronosplit wristwatch, it retained the case of the previous Calibre 100 model but replaced the lower six digit LED display with a four-digit LCD unit. The watch was also given a little bit of extra class with the addition of a new look bezel which included useful function labelling and a nice clean Heuer logo.


Chronosplit LCD LCD with Rawsar H1 module fitted.

The picture above is an R102.703 stainless steel Chronosplit with the early small light button, later models have a bigger button. Additional Calibre 102 Chronosplit variants were produced both in stainless steel and gold-filled. Rarer leather strap versions were also manufactured. Heuer also produced a limited Ferrari version of the Chronosplit of around 200 units.

Over the following pages you will find information on the Heuer Calibre 102 Chronosplit, including:

  • The Original Calibre 102 watch variants
  • Typical Faults
  • Repairs
  • Rawsar H1 Module


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Niki Lauda sporting his Chronosplit LCD-LCD, almost certainly the Ferrari version. If you want to see some pictures of the Ferrari LCD Chronsoplit please check out my Instagram feed here.

1977 Heuer catalogue illustrating LCD Chronosplit models. Picture courtesy of Chuck at chronomaddox.com

If you need Chronosplit advice or a repair, please send an email to support@rawsar.com.