HEUER Chronosplit Modules and Repairs

If you have reached this page there is a very good chance you own a broken Heuer Chronosplit watch and are researching possible repair options for your rare and valuable timepiece.


Here at Rawsar I have developed four staged repair options to cater for any level of electronic damage that can occur to your vintage Calibre 100 Chronosplit module:


A Rawsar repaired Chronosplit Module

Stage 1 - Inspection & Repair

At stage 1, I combine an inspection, clean and repair attempt. If successful your watch module may be returned to fully functional operation using the original Heuer parts.  Stage 1 is first and foremost the best option, if achievable.


All Calibre 100 module repairs go through the stage 1 phase. If a straight repair is not possible you will be offered the best alternative option of H2a, H2b or H2c module conversion depending on the initial condition of your original LED and LCD display.


Please note parts and spares for these watches are extremely rare so if your Chronosplit module has not been repaired you will be given the option to proceed to the next step where your old Heuer displays, depending on condition, may be able to be reused to produce a Rawsar H2a module. This is Stage 2 discussed in more detail on the next page.


For more information and enquiries, please email support@rawsar.com